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Sark Folk Festival 2012

May 31st, 2012 · Ash · No Comments

In the spirit of designing festival sites, as well as the VH Festival, Betley Whitehorne has designed The Sark Folk Festival 2012 website. We’ve enjoyed trying to capture the laid back, friendly feel of this festival, as well as impoving the usability for those wishing to find out information on the festival and vital information about the island of Sark, which is so central to the festival. We hope this festival gets the exposure as it deserves! Read more

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Betley Whitehorne helps launch theQROPSreport.com website

May 3rd, 2012 · Chris · No Comments

Recognised QROPS expert Rex Cowley, of NewDawn consultancy, has released an authoritative report to the QROPS market, significantly just at a time when big questions are being asked about the product following recent rulings by the British Government over Guernsey registered schemes, and its decision to close virtually all of them.

The QROPS Report is available to purchase via theQROPSreport.com and is the result of many months of global research on the market, its components, opportunities and future, and includes not only QROPS but also SIPPS, QNUPS, IPPs, life and investment risk underwriting and multi-asset investment products. It represents the most significant insight available on the offshore pensions market and is an invaluable guide for anyone working in the industry.

TheQROPSreport.com was designed and built by Channel Islands’ ad agency, Betley Whitehorne.

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EU Cookie Law

April 25th, 2012 · Ric · No Comments

It’s only a month until the ridiculous EU Cookie law comes into effect. Here’s a nice video explaining it all.

YouTube Preview Image

Surely, if the EU is forcing website owners to update their sites to protect users against being tracked and whatnot, then they should force users to update their web browsers too, to protect them against much more serious problems like viruses that exploit old browsers. Even better, if they did this, then they would be running modern browsers featuring a ‘do not track’ option meaning websites wouldn’t need to alert users. One last point, how can websites store a users decision if they want to use cookies or not? With a cookie, but do we need to ask permission to store that cookie too? And if they say no? What then!?

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New look for leading outsourced specialist, Active Group

April 25th, 2012 · Luke · No Comments

Leading outsourced compliance specialist, Active Group, has recently revamped its brand and introduced a new corporate identity that is reflected across all company communication — from website and stationery, to marketing literature and merchandise.
Betley Whitehorne worked closely with Active Group’s New Business Director, Paul Le Quesne, to develop an identity that was felt to better reflect the company’s size and maturity.

“Our company has developed significantly over the last 10 years, and now enjoys a successful presence in five different offshore locations, working with clients to ensure their outsourced requirements are met,” explained Paul. “We felt the time was right to review and refresh our brand to reflect the jurisdiction group principles and its increased service offerings. This time we outsourced our requirements and Betley Whitehorne delivered!”


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Gower Pensions Website Launch

April 13th, 2012 · Paul · No Comments

Betley Whitehorne have been working with Gower Pensions Management on their new content managed website. The site utilises Scalable Vector Graphics and as far as possible is resolution independent making the most of style sheets rather than graphic elements.

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New website brings Guernsey’s volunteers and charities together

April 3rd, 2012 · Chris · No Comments

Volunteer.gg is a new website designed to introduce Guernsey’s army of ‘helping hands’ with an array of suitable charity events, or specific roles, all crying out for assistance.

The brainchild of Guernsey’s long serving charity champion, Sarah Bamford, Volunteer.gg provides an ‘introductory service’ for the Island’s voluntary sector, by creating a notice board for charity events and allowing potential volunteers to ‘pick & choose’ their preferences. Read more

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Google Maps goes 8bit with Quest Mode

April 2nd, 2012 · Ric · No Comments

Google are famous for their April Fools pranks but this year saw on of the largest to date with the introduction of Google Maps Quest mode for the NES. This ‘8bit version’ takes it’s inspiration from the computer games of yesteryear. Cities become castles and the landscape is  littered with hidden monsters and landmarks. I did a little monster hunting yesterday and managed to find a few, including the obvious ones like Nessie.

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Launch of The Medical Specialist Group website

March 14th, 2012 · Edward · No Comments

Guernsey’s specialist medical group now has a new brand identity and website, both created by Betley Whitehorne. The Medical Specialist Group, who recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, required a cleaner and fresher identity moving away from a traditional identity and towards a very successful contemporary one.

Medical Specialist Group homepage image

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