VH Festival Website Launch

May 28th, 2012 · Edward · No Comments

The 6th Victor Hugo International Music Festival needed a new brand, design and direction. Betley Whitehorne created the new brand identity and website to reflect a desire for a contemporary, fresher look to make the festival more accessible for a younger audience. The system includes a section for managing concert details, events and artist profiles.

Victor Hugo Internatinal Music Festival

The VH Festival website includes more artist details this year and with a revised structure for the programme making for a more comprehensive and accessible user experience.

We asked Michael Surcombe, the artistic director a few questions about the website and identity development.

BW: What was the aim of the VH Festival re-brand and website build?

MS: “2012 was a new era for the festival, with a new artistic direction and repositioning of our offering. We were looking for a new design to reflect that, but one which still embodied the professionalism of the event.”

BW: Did Betley Whitehorne meet your goals?

MS: “Definitely. We were really happy with the designs and the interface is really slick. I’d spent quite a while looking at similar sites for other festivals and we’re definitely up there with the very best.”

BW: Who is the target audience of the VH Festival website?

MS: “Anyone who is interested in high quality music. For me, ‘high quality’ means imaginative, creative and original, not necessarily classical. We’re targeting people who are curious to expand their musical diet and hear the very best performers in their fields.”

BW: Is the site aesthetically pleasing?

MS: “For sure. We soon realised that the BW designers really know what they are doing and wanted to let them create beautiful designs with as little interference as anyone. There’s always a danger that clients meddle in the design process and water down the designers’ vision, and I was really keen not to do that. The result is a site which is simple, clean, and just the right levels of professionalism and innovation.”

BW: Are there any features you’d like for the future?

MS: “We’d love to host our own ticketing on the site so that we can have control of the user experience from beginning to end, but that one’s going to have to remain an ambition for the next festival.”

BW: Would you recommend BW to anyone else?

MS: “Without doubt. The team are as talented as they are committed to doing the best work possible, and a real pleasure to work with.”

Many thanks for Michael Surcombe for the short comments above. The line up for this years festival looks really interesting and tickets are available through Guernsey Tickets.

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