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November 26th, 2009 · Adam · 6 Comments


Here is a very special Lego blog medley. I know we have had a lot of posts over the years but this one is special. Whilst searching the super highway I came across loads of very creative uses for those colourful cuboids. I present to you a plethora of brick art; fashion, photography, music, architecture, sculpture, craft and interior design. I hope you like what I found.

This is a very big blog, so please adjust your mouse for long scrolling. To kick us off we have some amazing sculptural pieces by Adrian Florea. As you can see Adrian’s futuristic creations are heavily influenced by manga. He often recreates characters from Gundam Wing and Transformers with exceptional results. There is a massive back log of fantastic images that really push the art of Lego building on his Flickr page. Take a look, he is indeed a master of the brick.


I found this kitchen on the FFFound blog, it reminded me the James May house but more long term. There wasn’t a credit so if anyone knows whose kitchen this is please get in touch.



I am sure everyone has seen this fantastic music video for The White Stripes’ ‘Fell in Love With a Girl’. This wonderful but incredibly time consuming idea was directed by Michel Gondry. It is one of my favourite videos ever. If you’re asking, number 4 in the Adam Top Ten.

It was shot frame by frame with each frame having the LEGO bricks rebuilt, sometimes in a complex manner to seem as if it were an actual shot, and then formed together to give the illusion of motion.

The White Stripes contacted LEGO Group in hopes of having a small LEGO set packaged with each single of the record, with which one could build a LEGO version of Jack and Meg White. LEGO Group refused, saying: “We don’t market our product to people over the age of twelve.” Once the video became a hit, however, LEGO contacted The White Stripes again and asked if they could reconstruct the deal to have LEGO packaged with the single. This time, however, Jack White refused, out of anger.


Now for a couple of official things from the people of Lego themselves. Whilst blog searching I virtually stumbled across the new Lego Architecture series. This great idea is based around one of or the reason for Lego, making buildings. So with this in mind why not take it a step and a few blueprints further. Amongst the first series they give us the Empire State Building, The Guggenheim and The Seattle Space Needle. The smaller versions of these famous landmarks were designed by Adam Reed Tucker and I’m sure there will be more to come.

We hope to inspire future architects around the world with the brick as a medium.

If anyone has an architectural mum or dad this could make a good xmas present. Personally, I can’t wait for the Great Wall of China edition.



Lego-Muji-5When I saw these next images I couldn’t believe both my eyes. They are a beautiful new collaboration between Muji and Lego. They have created a sort of plastic origami, although no actual paper folding is involved. Using a 4, 2 or 1 toothed hole punch you can make paper shapes that connect with the bricks, Lego-Muji-4producing strange but great little objects. It looks very enjoyable, with so many things to imagine. You could make holes in some photos to make frames, launch your own card range, make strange creatures or even a small model theatre. The idea itself shows you how versatile Lego can be. I want some, so if anyone speaks Japanese and can order me some I would be very happy.



If fashion is your love then Lego has all the new trends. This catwalk clothing was designed by designer and Lego enthusiast Jean Charles de Castelbajac. They remind me a little bit of the film Toys with Robin Williams. HOUSE HAT! Weird. If you would like to see the animated catwalk for this collaboration click…here.



Lego-CameraFinally, how about a camera made from those little bricks? This digital camera and other brick tech is for sale from Urban Outfitters. I wonder if you can attach other bricks too it?  Try and make yourself extra handles or even a home made brick tripod.

Well the blog is finished, the journey is over. If anyone else has seen any great brick based art please send us a link. For now I promise I wont write anymore about Lego for at least a month. Maybe.

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